Wetlands Wonder with Long-Lasting Synthetic Shake Roof

Imagine living in a setting where eagles nest on your land. Where your property stretches down to a dock area with incredible waterfront views. That’s the beautiful surroundings where one Virginia family now resides.

The French Country style estate home was built in 1995. The family bought the house and land in late 2020. Immediately afterwards they started an interior/exterior remodeling project.

“The nine-month renovation project began as soon as we purchased the home,” says homeowner Mike A. “We started with the exterior. The old shake wood shingles were tops on our list to be replaced.”

Thanks to their long-lasting synthetic shake roof, these homeowners now enjoy the look of authentic shake without natural humidity shortening their roof's lifespan.

Is it Real … or is it Composite?

While researching options to replace the 25-year old deteriorating roof, Mike discovered DaVinci Roofscapes long-lasting synthetic shake products. “We wanted the look of a traditional shake shingle, but not the ongoing maintenance hassles,” says Mike. “The DaVinci Select Shake product was the perfect answer.

“These composite shakes are so durable that we won’t ever worry about replacing the roof again. That’s great for us, plus a terrific selling point if we should ever decide to sell the property in the future.”

Made of virgin resins, Select Shakes are impact- and fire-resistant. Important to the family, the composite shakes resist fading and rotting. In addition, they resist cracking, algae and insects. The tiles are backed by a Lifetime Limited Materials Warranty. They come in eight color blends. Mike and his wife selected the Black Oak color from the Nature Crafted Collection.

The Black Oak reminds people of natural cedar shingles that have been saturated with moisture and mold for many years. The color tells the story of dark, aged cedar on a home. Some people love this color. However, the decaying natural cedar truly is not practical for a roof. The almost black bark coloring of Black Oak is the perfect accent to the white exterior of this home.

A+ Installers

To install the new composite shakes on his sprawling waterfront home, Mike chose Pyramid Roofing.

“This team was very professional,” says Mike. “They exceeded our expectations. The crew actually finished the project ahead of schedule. They’re the very best roofing company I’ve ever dealt with.”

Long-lasting synthetic shake saves homeowners from the costly maintenance associated with natural shake. Smart Choice: Long-Lasting Synthetic Shake

According to Derek Worstell with Pyramid Roofing, composite shake products are a growing alternative in the Williamsburg area.

“There are lots of homes here with real cedar roofs,” says Worstell. “Unfortunately, with all our humidity, these roofs only last 15 years or so. I think the DaVinci shake products provide a smart alternative. They will last longer than traditional cedar, while still maintaining the colonial look our homes are known for.

“In addition, with the rising costs of lumber — which has affected the cedar shingle market — the price gap between a quality synthetic shake and real cedar is shortening. Add to that the instant, locked-in color appearance of the Select Shake, and you’ve got a real winner.”