Winds of Change: Choosing a Composite Slate Roof

Some roofing materials just can’t handle the geographic needs of a home setting. That’s what the Britten family discovered after just five years with the roofing tiles on their new home in Amarillo, Texas.

“We live in a canyon area with horrible wind conditions,” says homeowner Belinda Britten. “The original roof on our home just didn’t hold up to the constant winds. Our roofer went back to the roofing manufacturer and we were compensated for the roof loss.

“Right after that we researched and discovered the DaVinci Roofscapes product. We were impressed to learn that the composite roofing tiles can handle winds up to 110 mph. That’s just what we really need in our geographic area!”


High Winds Need Composite Roofing

Amarillo, and the Texas Panhandle, are situated in the western portion of “Tornado Alley.” Prone to severe weather events, conditions can include straight-line winds, large hail, dangerous thunderstorms and flash flooding.

Home to the second largest canyon in America (Palo Duro Canyon State Park), Amarillo weather conditions make it challenging for builders and roofers.

“We live with and understand the conditions of this area,” says Tyler Rhynehart, project manager of Rhynehart Roofing out of Amarillo. “For more than 30 years we’ve installed roofing in Amarillo, throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and New Mexico. For homes like the Britten’s that are widely exposed to the winds, we recommend the DaVinci composite roofing product.”

Backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty

Rhynehart and his team have been in business for three decades and have been installing DaVinci composite slate and shake tiles for almost half that time. So, when it came time to suggest a replacement for the Britten home, they recommended the Multi-Width Slate composite roof in a Slate Black color.

“The DaVinci roof has a Lifetime Limited Warranty to give peace-of-mind to the homeowners,” says Rhynehart. “Now that it’s installed on the Britten home — plus their pool house and barn — they can rest easy.

“Along with looking beautiful, over the years we’ve witnessed the durability of the DaVinci product. Decades from now it will still hold up to the high winds, hail impact and harsh sunlight associated with this geographic area.

“The roofing headaches are behind them for the Britten family. We’ve found that our customers absolutely love the DaVinci composite slate and shake products. They look good on a house, and most importantly, they perform exceptionally well for our intense weather conditions.”