2014 Exterior Color Trends: Cultural Colors

Many of the colors that are on trend right now are crossing borders and cultures. There is something about the colors that seems a bit exotic yet there is a familiarity that feels comforting. They are able to give us just what we need to keep one foot firmly planted on the solid ground at home while stepping forward with the other to explore something new and expand our understanding of other countries and cultures.

There is depth to these colors and a warm, aged quality that feels as if they’ve been touched and loved by past generations. Our comfort with these colors provides a bridge for anyone wanting to move away from just using safe neutrals and add more color to their home.

Exterior Color Trends 2014 Pittsburgh Paints Romantic Isle

While teal may seem trendy, in many cultures around the world, it is a mainstay in the architectural landscape. It is a color that accents natural wood, stone, brick as well as both warm and cool neutrals beautifully. I especially like it with gray shakes as the siding or roofing. (image via southernliving.com)

2014 Exterior Color Trends Benjamin Moore Coral Essence

Not too red, not too pink, coral is able to make both a home (and its owners) smile. Adds a kiss of color to weathered gray shakes. (image via interiorsbystudiom.com)

2014 Exterior Color Trends PPG Green

Green accents on an exterior never go out of style but instead of deep or forest green try grassy green. It comes across as more casual, friendly and welcoming.

Exterior Color Trends Bronze Gold with Clay and Terra Cotta shake

Bronze can be a main or accent color. Dark Terracotta and Light Clay Shakes blend with the bricks and bronze. A shade of blue or purple on the front door could be a nice complement to bronze or any aged warm brown or tan. (image via stepuppainting)

2014 Exterior Color Trends Sherwin-Williams

To make a statement with an all neutral scheme go for colors that have depth such as a mid-tone tan and deep, rich brown. This type of combination gives the home an update personality right for today. If the colors were washed out or too toned down they would look dated before the paint dried. If you are committed to neutrals than really step forward and commit to hues that stand strong on their own. (Image via Home Design Software)

Who Else Is Talking About This Trend

2014 Exterior Color Trends Pittsburgh Paints Mosaic color trend

Pittsburgh Paints 2014 Color Trends Report describes the Mosaic palette as expressive and dynamic. Both great words to communicate the feeling of these colors

2014 Exterior Color Trends Benjamin Moore Paint Colors

Benjamin Moore 2014 “New Neutrals” Trend Palette takes a slightly more toned down approach to these colors that work both inside and out.

Sherwin-Williams Intrinsic Exterior Color Trends 2014

Many of these cultural colors are including in the Sherwin-Williams 2014 color palette called Intrinsic — “Belonging naturally, essential. As the global melting pot slowly blends the world into one stew” and what a lovely stew it is.

By understanding what is influencing the color trends you may find a story that allows you to express yourself perfectly on your home exterior. If the colors shown here aren’t uniquely you take a look at the other colors that are on trend for exteriors- –Everyday Elegance, A New Look At Blue, Orange, Pink and Red Hot— and find those that best express you.