Are Snow Guards Really Necessary?

If you live in an area of the country that gets a lot of snow, then you might be looking for a solution that stops that avalanche of snow from tumbling off the roof when the snow starts to melt.

The power and force behind a roof avalanche can rip off gutters and destroy beautiful landscaping below.

Rocky Mountain Snowguards on a DaVinci Shake RoofSo what’s the solution to prevent that avalanche from happening? Snowguards.

Snowguards are devices that are installed on your roof to help hold snow on your roof while helping it melt at a more even rate. These can be installed when your roof is installed or can be retrofitted onto your simulated shake roofing or synthetic slate roof shingles.

How do snowguards work?

Snowguards are strategically placed on your roof, so that when the snow melts, it melts more evenly. That way, it doesn’t have the opportunity to bind together and create that avalanche. There are several different types so talk with your roofer to determine the best snowguard system for your home.

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Do you have snowguards? What made you decide to install them? Did you install them at the same time your roof was installed or did you have them retrofitted? Share your snowguard stories with us in the comments below.