Color Trends for 2019: Disconnect

It’s that time of year when people are talking color trends for 2019. Whether you like to just see what’s new or go a bit deeper to understand why these colors are trending right now, you’re in the right place. In this series of three blog posts, you’ll see trending colors curated for home exteriors and gain insights into why these colors and why now. Last week, I revealed the first set of colors is called “Connect”. This week, I look at trend called “Disconnect.”


Our devices have put information and a connection to others at our fingertips. Most of us, and especially most younger people, believe that this allows us to do more than one thing at a time.

Yet we learned from the Adam Gazzaley and Larry Rosen, authors of The Distracted Mind, and a slew of other studies, that true multitasking is a myth. Our brains focus on one thing by shutting out others. We can’t pay attention to two things simultaneously. Inevitably, something gets missed. Plus, rapid attention-switching exacts its own cognitive penalties.

We can’t live without our technology. But, as we begin to understand the need for fewer distractions, we demand more control over our devices in order to limit access to our lives and limited attention spans. We seek to find the right balance between having what we need at our fingertips and being able to find a focus on what truly matters.

color trends for 2019 Disconnect

At the intersection of high-speed connections and calm minds, we find inspiring neutral colors that defy being easily named. They are not quite gray or taupe or tan but have an almost magical ability to blend with an unlimited range of colors. Interestingly, they look fabulous in every finish from shiny and metallic to flat or matte. These are colors with staying power.

Inspired by these trend colors?

You might love these colors but don’t think of neutrals as trendy. I agree. Neutrals are timeless yet there are neutrals that rise in popularity in the same way other colors do. Think about how popular gray has been for example. With neutral colors, it is more about whether it is warm or cool, deep or light, or bright or dull, that defines the trend.

Neutrals are great for home exteriors. If an exterior refresh is in your plans for 2019, the following colors palettes that include some of the trend colors can inspire your new look. Here are some examples of how you might incorporate these colors.

color trends for 2019 DV Shake MW Chesapeake

Rather than thinking about the colors shown as the only ones to use, consider any neutral that feels right to you right now. To get you started here are some paint colors that fit the Color Trends 2019 Connect palette:

Disconnect Color 1
Behr Cotton Grey HDC-NT-20 3
PPG Synchronicity PPG1021-2 2
Sherwin- Williams SW 7524 Dhurrie Beige 1
Benjamin Moore Metropolitan AF-6904

Disconnect Color 2
Sherwin- Williams SW 6232 Misty 1
Benjamin Moore Smoke 2122-404

Disconnect Color 3
PPG Magnolia Blossom PPG1090-1 2
Benjamin Moore Putnam Ivory HC-394

Disconnect Color 4
Sherwin- Williams SW 9173 Shiitake 1 
PPG Discover PPG1021-3 2
Benjamin Moore Pashmina AF-1004

Disconnect Color 5
Sherwin- Williams SW 7047 Porpoise 1
Sherwin- Williams SW 9174 Moth Wing 1
Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal HC-1664

Color Trends for 2019 from Popular Paint Companies

The colors above are a subset of all of the colors trending for 2019-2020. You can see each company’s complete color trend palette at the links below:

1 Sherwin-Williams Colormix® Color Forecast 2019

2 PPG Pittsburgh Paints Voice of Color – Color Trends 2019

3 Behr Color Trends for 2019

4 Benjamin Color Trends for 2019

In my last post, you’ll find the trends called “Connect” and next week, you can see the final color trend colors in “Reconnect”. Check back each Wednesday for these and other insights on FRESH Color for Your Home Exterior.