Colorful Roofs In Vogue!

Roof colors are very important and they are heavily influenced not just by your personality, but where you live. This is mostly do to the natural materials that were available in your part of the world at the time that the first homes and buildings were built. In other words, the roofing materials were what dictated the most common roof colors.

DaVinci SlateAccording to our color expert, Kate, the three most timeless roofing colors in the United States are:

    • Black
    • Gray
    • Cedar


However, there are three new colors that gaining popularity and those include:

    • Green
    • Clay
    • Terracotta


As stated in Timeless Roof Colors, Kate goes on to say that homeowners are starting to experiment with different colors, including blends of colors.

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What color is your roof? Is it traditional in color? Do you like it or would you prefer to switch it up? If so, to what color?