Dress Up Your Roof with DaVinci Color Options

Headed out for a night on the town and undecided what to wear? Will it be the traditional "little black dress" or something with more pizzazz to celebrate a special occasion?

Just as you like to add color and sparkle to your wardrobe, your home's roof has the same option to break free of boring colors. If you're in the market for a new designer roof, reach into the DaVinci Color Studio closet for ideas on adding color to your home.


The free color guidance tools from DaVinci include everything from personalized advice from national color expert Kate Smith to an on-screen "mix and match" way to create your own personal blend of colors for your roof.

At the DaVinci Color Studio we encourage you to let your imagination soar. There are 49 standard colors available for you to "play with" to create your personalized polymer slate or composite shake luxury roof. We also offer "top down" color suggestions for your home exterior, free downloadable e-books and personal color assistance.

And, if you're looking for inspiration, check out our Masterpiece Gallery — an image library of dozens of different home styles sporting eco friendly roof options from DaVinci in an array of colors. Don't worry about thinking outside the box either. Even if your dream roof is a "dreamsicle orange" color, we can easily create a custom color roof just for you!

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