Eric’s Top Tips

Eric Salvesen knows roofs. As a technical services manager for DaVinci Roofscapes, Eric devotes 100% of every day either at a job site assisting roofers or conducting hands-on training with our DaVinci composite roofing products.

When Eric’s not up on a roof, he’s in the car or on an airplane getting to another roofing project.

All these roofing experiences means that Eric is “the guy” to go to for roofing tips. Here are his top four:

Polymer RoofTip #1 – Save cut pieces to use on different areas of the roof. Pay special attention to where you can use cut pieces (as opposed to discarding them) and you can save 3% or more on job-site waste.

Tip #2 – Invest in an upgraded fastener. Ring shank stainless steel works really great. If you’re using screws, they must be corrosion resistant 5/16″ pancake head type screws. Any fastener must penetrate all the way through the deck at least 3/16″.

Tip #3 – For every 100 feet of valley, figure an extra square of lightweight roofing materials.

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