Get Rid of Gunked-Up Gutters

The sizzling summer has finally passed.

Now that we’re headed toward cooler autumn days, it’s time to “take stock” of what projects need to be done around your house exterior.

gutter clogged with leaves and gunkMore comfortable weather means you can upgrade your landscaping, wash your windows and clean out your gutters. At the same time, don’t forget to check on your downspout connections. It’s important to clean out gutters and get your home’s outdoor “drainage system” ready before winter weather makes an appearance. Why? Because gunked-up gutters can result in ice dams and damage to your gutter system.

If you’re not comfortable up on the ladder, hire a professional. After cleaning out the gutters and spouts, make sure the person flushes them out using a garden hose. This simple practice assures that the gutter system is truly clean and can also show you where any potential connection problems exist.

While you’re handling autumn clean-up, now is a good time to have a professional roofer come and give your roof an evaluation. Especially if you had severe weather in your area during the first part of the year, you need to make sure your roof is ready to handle the onslaught of winter. The best idea is to invest some time now on exterior home maintenance to save on headaches and hassles later on!

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