How to Use The Right 2020 Color Trend on Your Home Exterior – Part Two

Today, I’m continuing to talk about color trends. If you missed my previous post, be sure to check out Part One. Colors trending in 2020-21 are earthy and fun, so it’s easy to find the trend for you. There are four distinct color palettes I’m seeing that are rising in popularity. On one end of the spectrum, there are earthy, connected colors and then there are fun, playful colors on the other end.

Go Lightly: A Color Trend for 2020 and Beyond

The colors that connect with this adventurous spirit are Dark Clove, Brown Clay, Whipped Cocoa, Cushing Green, and Creamy Mushroom.

Exterior Color Trends Go Lightly, a delightful trend.

What’s Driving the Trend?

A new nomadic lifestyle is replacing the life goals for many. With mobility and freedom in mind, the focus turns to what is essential and meaningful in life. Anything more will weigh us down physically, mentally, and emotionally. We want to travel lightly, be positive, and embrace every experience.

How is this Trend Influencing Design?

Designs that support a lighter lifestyle take their cues from a blend of Scandinavian style and Japanese aesthetic. The look is clean, sophisticated, functional, and adaptable.

Using the 2020 – 2021 Color Trends on Your Exterior

Go Lightly Multi-Width Slate Aberdeen, a smart-looking color trend.

When working with a neutral base, all you need is a touch of green at your entrance and a multi-color roof, like DaVinci Slate Aberdeen to embrace the “Go Lightly” attitude.

Go Lightly with this Multi-Width Slate Brownstone trend

The warmth of this trend comes through with a brownstone slate roof, mocha granite stone, and creamy mushroom trim. Soft blue-green is a gentle focal point that ties the whole scheme together.

Go Lightly Select Shake Aged Cedar color trend

Deep brown carries this scheme from the roof to the brick and onto the shutters. Watery blue keeps the color palette friendly and not too serious.

Go Lightly Select Shake Mossy Cedar

The beauty of the “Go Lightly” trend is that it leaves lots of room for expressing your personality. Shake up a down-to-earth color palette with a color that expresses you!

There are still more color trends to come but if you want to get started finding a new scheme for your home, download one or more of my FRESH Exterior Colors ebooks. They are our free gift to you.