Nothing Says Elegance Like an English Garden

Your house has style and grace complete with beautiful turrets. Your yard looks more blah than beauty. Why not infuse a romantic English Garden love into your outdoor space?

A proper English Garden has only a few simple elements that can create a timeless outdoor space where an American iced coffee or a spot of tea would be equally welcome. Creating this look you may wish to start by taking notes from the perfect English Garden topper a Turret covered in DaVinci Roofscapes’ slate. Nothing hints back to English days of yore stronger than a turret. Slate grays complement both light and dark tones on the home and create a stunning starting point for your outdoor space.

Elements of English Garden Style- Topiary and Turrets
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Elements of an English Garden

Begin your garden with a focus on all that is green. Neatly trimmed hedges or shrubs can give way to creating intimate vignettes in your yard. Curves become elegant or even whimsical with a few added tall topiaries. Square hedges can create ‘rooms’ for beautifully selected furniture. Allow the green to be lush and speak volumes in your space.

Surrounding your perfectly manicured hedges is often raised flower beds. This is where you will want to infuse your pops of soft or bold color. Roses, hydrangeas or other fragrant perennials would be perfect in this space. Color rules for an English garden are generally to keep things in one of two ways:

The first option is to create flower beds that contain one color in various shades of that color family. Various reds to pinks or vibrant purples to light orchids would be perfect in an English garden. Vined or high growing plants are typically used to create visual interest in your garden.

Second, if you are looking for more color variation in your garden you can select bold hues in opposing colors. A hot red rose mixed with a vivid yellow pansy would be stunning. Do not mix in too many selections, just 2 or 3 for interest so your garden appears well thought out, not haphazard.

For added visual interest you may choose to add archways, seating spots or gazebos to your English Garden. Anything that can grow a vine plant would absolutely be lovely and carry through your color scheme with height.

English Garden Design with arch
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Furniture in the English Garden is always kept stark in white or wood. The garden should be the color-focus here, not the furniture. Stick with clean lines or a few aged rustic wood pieces to keep things authentic. For privacy fences select pieces that will melt into the background like black iron or darker wood.

Textures and accessories in this style should be kept to the minimum. The one exception to this is pottery. You can incorporate whites, pinks and lighter colored planting pots filled with lush greenery to enhance your garden.

Furniture in the English Garden is always kept stark in white or wood.
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Designing an English Garden to go with your Euro-Classical designed home will begin a vast array of options incorporating beautiful colors that become wonderful jumping off points for your outdoor design plan. Focus on the style, décor and combination of hues up top to create beautiful patios and porticos all throughout your outdoor spaces.