Pest Resistant Roofing

Do you live in a wooded area?

Many homeowners and business owners have, for years, struggled with bugs and pests that invade their roof. So, as a result, many look for pest resistant roofing material.

Pest Resistant RoofingIn actuality, most roofing material starts out pest free – the pest situation usually happens as the natural material begins to break down. For instance, a natural wood roof might have a treatment on it when it first arrives, deterring bugs and insects from wanting to use it as a home. However, with freeze and thaw cycles, sun and wind exposure, and exposure to natural elements over time, those shingles expand, contract, crack and break. And inside those cracks and breaks, the insects find a nice little home.

However, since DaVinci polymer roof tiles are man made and have contain no organic materials, pests and insects are not naturally attracted to them. Furthermore, since DaVinci tiles are resistant to cracking and breaking, the dangers that lurk with natural roofing materials, simply don’t appear with our lightweight roofing systems.

Usually, issues with pests and insects occur when your roof is failing – either deteriorating or leaking. If you are having problems with pests and insects and your roof, then you probably want to get an experienced roofing contractor to your home or business to check it out. They will be able to make suggestions based on what they see.

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