Showtime! Imitation Slate Roof Takes Center Stage

Break out the popcorn and settle in for a double feature!

Tim Carter, founder of has completed the installation of his imitation slate roof using DaVinci Roofscapes Single-Width Slate tiles.  We’ve followed Tim through his headaches with his old aging and problematic asphalt shingles (see Roof Busters! and Roofing Dreams Do Come True) and now he’s sharing his finished roofing project with us.

See video #4 that gives an overview of Tim’s new slate alternative roof:

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And then, for your double feature viewing, check out the final video showcasing the completed project:

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“This is a stunning fake slate roof that I’m proud to have on my home,” says Carter. “Everyone coming up our driveway stops and stares.  They can’t believe it’s not real quarried slate.

“We live in New Hampshire, which is nicknamed ‘the granite state.’ This slate alternative roof looks so perfect that it beats any real stone I’ve ever seen! And, we’re thrilled that it comes with a lifetime limited materials warranty so we’ll never have to worry about our roof again!”