Tips for Adding Curb Appeal to the Home

Want to truly personalize your home exterior? Then National Curb Appeal Month is the time to let your creative spirit kick in!

Kate Smith, chief color maven at Sensational Color, has several tips to get homeowners focused on adding color to their home exteriors in an effort to enhance curb appeal.

    • Designer RoofTip #1Consider the fixed features of a home before deciding on what colors to add. These elements include the colors of foundation and chimney materials, like brick, stone and concrete, along with other fixed elements like porches, steps, walkways and retaining walls.


    • Tip #2Think about regional colors that might work well on your home. It’s fine to have a home that stands out in the neighborhood, but it needs to link in with the overall geography where you live.


    • Tip #3 Look at your environment. The natural setting and landscaping around your home can help you select colors that complement the existing setting.


    • Tip #4Let the style of your home help you determine how bold or subdued you should go with color. For example, bright colors are almost expected on a Victorian home, while more refined colors like off white, dark green and rich chocolate would complement a Ranch style home.


  • Tip #5Consider the historic element of the home and let that help lead you to colors that reflect the house’s history. Also make sure to check with any homeowner associations you might belong to for possible restrictions on color usage.


Two free e-books to help choose the right colors for home exteriors authored by Smith are available on the DaVinci Roofscapes website by clicking HERE!

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