To Guard … or Not to Guard

The question may be "to guard or not to guard" (with snow guards, that is!) but the answer is really easy.

If you live in an area of the country where accumulating snowfalls occur on a routine basis, then you should consider snow guards for your roof.

When snow accumulates on your roof sunshine and warmer temperatures can help melt the snow and ice away, as will the warm air under the roof in the attic of your home. But, problems can occur if all that snow and ice comes down in large chunks or in "snow slides" that dump too much snow in one area. Along with being potentially dangerous for people, property or landscaping that this lands on, it's difficult to navigate on the pathways around your home when an avalanche occurs!

Snow guards to the rescue. Installed either when your roof is originally installed or retrofitted in place, snow guards are strategically placed on your roof to help snow stay on the roof to melt instead of sliding to the ground. There are several different types of snow guards, so talk with your roofer to determine the best snow guard system for your home.

Snow guards recommended for use on DaVinci polymer roofs must have an attachment strap and be manufactured of long-lasting, non-corrosive metals.

To learn more about selecting snow guards for the home, visit Keep the Snow on the Roof with Snowguards and Don't Forget Snowguards!