What Did Winter Do To Your Roof?

Yikes! The snows have FINALLY melted (we hope) and you’re getting your first look at your roof after a really brutal winter. What do you see up there?

Look carefully and you may see sagging gutters where the weight of ice and snow buildup took their toll. Or, there may be loose or missing shingles. Worse yet, an inspection in your attic could turn up leaks.

roof with loose, torn and missing shinglesAs the weather warms up, now is the time to get a professional roofer to inspect your roof for any damage caused by severe weather this past winter — and before Spring storms arrive.

At DaVinci Roofscapes, we recommend hiring a professional because they have the proper safety equipment needed to get to all areas of your roof, plus they know what they’re looking for. Different pitches in the roof, the chimney area and valleys all need to be inspected carefully for wear. And, leaks, loose shingles and damaged roofing should all be evaluated by an expert.

If your roofing evaluation turns up bad news, then consult your home insurance agency and start taking the steps to research new sustainable roofing. Think of this as your opportunity to “get it right” by investing in composite roofing that has a limited lifetime material warranty.

Made to resemble natural cedar shake roofing and authentic slate roofing materials, products from DaVinci hold up year-after-year to everything Mother Nature throws at us and our roof. These durable composite roofing products resist fire, impact, high winds and even insects.

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