A Touch of Synthetic Wood Siding

Bye-bye vinyl siding! That’s what Angela and Jody Slayton recently said when they upgraded their home exterior.

The Oklahoma couple wanted to get rid of small areas of vinyl siding. They were seeking a different accent look. DaVinci Hand-Split Shake Siding was the answer.

“We wanted to do something unique to enhance the look of the house,” says Angela Slayton. “Changing the vinyl siding was the obvious answer.”

Authentic Look of Real Cedar

A little before/after to show how DaVinci synthentic wood siding has improved this house's curb appeal. When Jody Slayton showed his wife samples of the DaVinci siding product line, she fell in love.

“I wanted a cedar look for our house, but not real cedar,” says Slayton. “Real cedar is a maintenance headache. With this synthetic siding, we get exactly the look we want. And, the color will stay the same forever.”

To give their home a boost in curb appeal, the Slaytons selected an Aged Cedar color of DaVinci’s Hand-Split Shake Siding, which reflects a burnt reddish cedar tone. This color is generally found when there’s a transition from a new cedar shake roof into the weathered deeper tone.

“Our home was built in 2008,” says Slayton. “A decade ago the vinyl siding was fine for the accents. Not anymore. Now we’ve got more texture with the Hand-Split Shake Siding added to key areas of the exterior.

“Next up, there’s a stand-alone storage building on our property. We plan to upgrade that as well with the DaVinci siding.”

Synthetic Shake Siding Benefits

Just like DaVinci’s composite shake and slate roofing products, the company’s synthetic siding resists impact and fire. It also resists mold, algae, insects, salt air and high winds. And, while the siding looks as attractive as real cedar, the pieces will not curl, cup or split like real cedar.

There are five colors available for the DaVinci Hand-Split Shake Siding: Bark, Granite, Sage, Slate Blue and Taupe. Three additional color blends from the Nature Crafted Collection include Aged Cedar, Black Oak and Mossy Cedar.

Each tile in the siding line is 18-inches tall with a 5/8-inch thickness. The tiles come in eight- or 10-inch widths. The 10-inch wide pieces have a simulated keyway. This gives the appearance of four- and six-inch width shakes placed together. The result is a multi-width appearance.

DaVinci siding is made of virgin resins, UV and thermal stabilizers. A highly-specialized fire retardant is added in. Ideal for any location, the siding is resistant to expansion and contraction. This means it’s not impacted by fluctuating weather conditions and temperatures.

The maintenance-free composite shake siding is made with color throughout each piece. Therefore, it requires no painting. The tiles are recyclable. They serve as an environmentally-friendly alternative to real wood shakes and plastic siding.

Thanks to its DaVinci synthentic wood siding and composite shake roof this home has the ideal protection for rugged coastal conditions.

Top-to-Bottom Composite Siding

While the Slaytons chose to use composite siding to accent their brick home, the Bergren family went “all in” with DaVinci siding for their entire home exterior.

Located on the shores of Oregon, the homeowners needed a siding that would stand up to Mother Nature’s coastal conditions. They found their solution with DaVinci Hand-Split Shake Siding. The durable product is not affected by salt air, sea spray, severe weather or strong winds.

“The main benefit to these DaVinci products in my mind is that they’re extremely durable and have a long life cycle,” says Jeff Bergren. “In addition, they’re literally maintenance free. I think the DaVinci products have measurably improved the value of the home. They’ve also dramatically improved the curb appeal as compared to real weathered cedar shakes.”

Ready to elevate your exterior with the enduring beauty and resilience of DaVinci’s Hand-Split Shake Siding? Explore our innovative synthetic shake siding and how they blend aesthetic appeal with uncompromising durability. You can also learn how easy it is to install DaVinci siding by watching our siding installation playlist.

This blog was originally published in January 2020.