Black Oak Perfect Match for Missouri Homeowner

Decisions. Decisions. When Sheri Stamper recently purchased a new home in the Village of Loch Lloyd in Missouri, she faced numerous remodeling decisions — including the search for a new roof. Fortunately, this decision was an easy one. She went with a composite roofing product she knew and trusted: DaVinci Roofscapes.

“I installed DaVinci’s composite roofing tiles on a previous home,” says Stamper. “I did research prior to selecting both roofs. The DaVinci product wins out for quality, performance and style.”

Black Oak Roofing

Ron Berg Studio

Natural-Looking Black Oak

Black Oak Roofing

Ron Berg Studio

For her new home, Stamper was pleased to learn that DaVinci now offers the Black Oak color in the new Nature Crafted Collection. “I like this new color offering,” says Stamper. “It has a natural look along with good texture and dimension.

“My goal was not to install a wood shake look, but rather a natural look with colors from nature. The darker tone of the Black Oak roofing appears natural, with not such a harsh appearance. I believe it will be one of the best-selling colors for the company in the future.”

Out With the Old

The 1995 modern/contemporary style home Stamper purchased was in distinct need of a new roof. This placed high on her list of remodeling projects.

black oak roofing

Ron Berg Studio

“This home had a concrete foam roof that was about seven years old, but it was a poor quality roof,” says Stamper. “Storms had damaged it and replacing it became a top priority for me.”

To help get the new composite roof she wanted, Stamper turned to M&M Roofing out of Olathe, Kansas.

“This is the second DaVinci composite roof we’ve installed for Sheri over the years,” says Craig Meyer, operations manager with M&M Roofing. “She was very correct in her assessment of the existing roof … it was in bad shape and needed replacement.

“Our company has installed DaVinci roofing products for more than 10 years. It’s great when we can work with a repeat customer like Sheri who was so impressed with her first composite roof that she wants another one for a new home.

“We were really pleased that she was excited about the new Black Oak color for the shake shingles. The house looks spectacular with those tiles overhead!”

Realistic Black Oak Appearance

Black Oak Roofing

Ron Berg Studio

Introduced to the marketplace in early 2018, the Nature Crafted includes realistic, nature-inspired colors. These include Aged Cedar, Mossy Cedar and Black Oak. Each color reflects different progressive aging processes found on real shake shingles. Thus, the look of a moment is captured and retained for decades.

The Black Oak color selected by Stamper reminds people of natural cedar shingles that have been saturated with moisture and mold for many years. The color tells the story of dark, aged cedar on a home. This recreates an almost black bark coloring.

“This is one of the few products on the market that looks like natural wood, but without weight or performance issues,” says Stamper. “The impact resistance, fire rating and low maintenance aspects were all features that helped me once again decide to invest in a DaVinci roof.

“This home is somewhat mid-century modern, so I’m trying to stay with a clean, natural appearance on the exterior. The Black Oak roofing color is very appealing since it’s a current color in the design industry and I can see it looking great on this home for decades to come.”