Hail-Resistant Roof Gets Homeowner 20% Off Yearly Insurance Premiums

It happened again. Another hail storm. Another total roof loss. This time Mother Nature won. Next time, she won’t be so lucky.

On April 12, 2020, a hail storm in Lincoln, Nebraska destroyed the asphalt shingle roof on the home of Rita and Mark Walz. Enough was enough. They decided to invest in impact-resistant DaVinci Slate roofing. Now they have no worries the next time Mother Nature rolls into town.

Deep Insurance Discounts

Hail storms are frequent in the Midwest. As the CEO of a property and casualty insurance company, Mark Walz deals with the outcome of these storms on a regular basis.

“The frequency and severity of large hail events in the Midwest is increasing,” says Walz, chairman, president and CEO of Farmers Mutual of Nebraska. “I see what people go through. And, personally I don’t want to have to replace my roof every three or four years.

“I want an impact resistant roof. More than that, I want the best product on the market. In my opinion, that is the DaVinci Roofscapes product.”

All across the Midwest, insurance companies reward homeowners who invest in Class A roofing from DaVinci. At Walz’s company, his new slate roof now earns him a 20 percent discount off the dwelling premium on his home’s insurance.

Color Counts

InsuranceAs Walz began researching options for his planned composite slate roof, he turned to DaVinci for help. Above all, he needed assistance with the color selection.

“The color choice is a very important decision,” says Walz. “It has a fairly significant impact upon the appearance and ‘street appeal’ of our home.

“We narrowed down our choice to Brownstone and Smokey Gray. Color specialist Kate Smith was terrific in providing free color advice. She gave detailed suggestions, color boards and insights on both colors.”

After consulting with Smith, the Walzs selected the Brownstone color. “Kate helped us gain confidence in our roof color selection,” says Walz. “Her color advice was a wonderful ‘value add’ to our DaVinci experience.

“We feel much more confident in our final color decision now that Kate has shared her thoughts with us. It was especially helpful to have her review pictures of our home exterior beforehand. Above all, her insights on how the variations in the Brownstone color would add a nice architectural detail to our home were right on target.”

DaVinci Installer for 18 Years

With the composite slate product and color selection complete, Walz moved on. Next on his checklist was finding a roofer he could rely on to execute the job.

For Walz, and many other homeowners in the Midwest, experience counts. That’s one reason he selected the Weatherguard team to install his DaVinci roof.

“We’ve installed more than 650 DaVinci roofs in the past 18 years,” says Trent Lovewell with John Higgins Weatherguard, Inc. “Just this year we’ve installed almost 50 DaVinci roofs. The cost, durability and exceptional warranty make this product a winner in our area.”

Experience Counts

Working from experience, the Weatherguard team quickly installed the new impact-resistant roof on the Walz home.

“We started on a Tuesday,” says Lovewell. “By the end of the day on Thursday it was complete. In addition, we always go back to a job to make sure the homeowners are satisfied.”

Weatherguard goes a step beyond making sure homeowners are just satisfied. They bring their experience and expertise to every project.

“First, we help homeowners work with insurance adjusters after a storm,” says Lovewell. “Then, we encourage people to shop for homeowner insurance. There are different discounts available when you have an impact-resistant roof. In our area, it’s common to get 20 to 30 percent off on long-term insurance. That makes the investment in a DaVinci roof even sweeter.”

A+ Satisfaction

Certainly Rita and Mark Walz are more than satisfied with their new roof.

“Actually, we LOVE the DaVinci roof installed on our home,” says Walz. “And, we’re pleased with the Brownstone color selection.

“We cannot thank the entire team at DaVinci Roofscapes enough for their guidance and assistance throughout this process. Our new roof is definitely ‘the talk’ of the neighborhood. We have some neighbors meeting right now with Weatherguard about getting their own DaVinci roof!”