Hail Story with a Happy Ending

Golf balls. Tennis balls. Baseballs. On April 23, 2019, hail the size of all three of these rained down on Midland, TX.

According to Interactive Hail Maps, the average size of the hail that evening was 2.05 inches in diameter. And, the largest hail pieces were recorded at 2.75 inches in diameter. More than 14,000 homes were impacted by 1.75-inch or larger hail. The Singh home was one of them.

“We had more than 100 cracked and broken concrete ‘S’ style roof tiles on our house,” says Mohan Singh, a Midland area homeowner. “This was a major hail and wind storm.”

Working Through Insurance Claims

A big Texas-style roof for this Midland, TX home, courtesy of DaVinci.For Singh, the headaches only started on that April evening. Because his roof tile had been discontinued, he could not get replacement tiles. After a lengthy evaluation process his insurance carrier decided to replace the entire roof. That’s when Singh started thinking about alternative roofing materials.

“The process to get the insurance company to agree to pay for a new roof was more than seven months,” says Singh. “HUF Construction was instrumental in working through that process with them on my behalf. So, when the team at HUF Construction suggested the DaVinci composite slate roof, I listened.”

Peace of Mind

THis composite Slate roof from DaVinci tops this house perfectlyWhat Singh especially liked about the recommended synthetic slate roof from DaVinci Roofscapes was the variety of benefits he’d receive. His new DaVinci roof now resists hail, impact and high winds. It also resists fire, severe weather conditions and pest infestations.

“After 22 years of worrying about the roof overhead, I’m now stress-free,” says Singh. “This roof has brought a spectacular look to my home plus added value.”

Enhanced Curb Appeal

To get the curb appeal look he wanted, Singh selected the Sonora color for his new roof. Four different roof colors are blended together to create a stand-out roof: Medium Terracotta, Dark Terracotta, Light Clay and Dark Clay.

“We wanted a color that looks similar to the concrete roof tile originally on our home,” says Singh. “This Sonora color is perfect. It’s added drastically to the curb appeal of our house.

“Hail is a constant worry in this part of the country. The next time a storm comes through it won’t be such a headache for our family. And, we’ll certainly be ready to recommend both the DaVinci products and HUF Construction to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation as we were in. This new composite slate roof has truly enhanced our home’s appearance and durability!”