Matching Composite Select Shake Roofing Tops Both Home and Playhouse

Anything for the grandchildren. For Joy and Steve Klepacki, that means installing a new composite shake roof over an outdoor playhouse. 

Inspired by the recent reroofing of their Kansas home, the Klepackis decided their one-room playhouse needed a matching roof. So, they contacted DaVinci Roofscapes and ordered more of the Select Shake shingles in the Mossy Cedar color. After that, they got to work.

Splurging for the GrandkidsHome and Playhouse

Originally built by Steve in 1984, the playhouse was inspired by a Tudor-style home they saw in a magazine. Over the years their four children loved their private play area. They pretended it was a restaurant, a fort, or even a school. Then, in 1990 they moved the playhouse to their new home. As the children outgrew the playhouse, the structure served as a storage area.

Fast forward to 2005 when the grandchildren started arriving. The Klepackis decided to invest in electricity for the playhouse, a ceiling fan and lights.

“With the grandchildren we decided to splurge!” says Joy Klepacki. “We have 12 grandkids and every single one of them has loved playing in it. The one-room building has gotten much love and use over the years. Therefore, when we reroofed our home in 2020 with Select Shake, we decided to reroof the playhouse to match!”

Transforming a Playhouse

Once they started tearing off the cedar shake shingles on the playhouse they got a good look at how badly the roof had deteriorated.

“The natural cedar roof had been on the playhouse since 1992,” says Klepacki. “It was decaying and had moss growing all over it.”

Steve Klepacki tackled the re-roof as a DIY retirement project. After viewing the instructional tutorials on the DaVinci Roofscapes website, he got to work.

“He went right down to replacing the roof decking,” says Klepacki. “Then he moved onto the Select Shake tiles. They went up exceptionally well and changed the look of the structure!”

Talk of the FamilyHome and Playhouse

With the project complete, their playhouse is ready to handle the next generation.

“It’s wonderful to have matching roofs on our property,” says Klepacki. “Our neighbors and children — and, of course, the grandchildren — all love the updated playhouse.

“Above all, we love the fact that the composite shake shingles will last on both our home and the playhouse. They’re both beautiful roofs, and we’re happy not to worry about maintenance efforts in the future!”