Roofer Installs 95 DaVinci Roofs in Brookhaven Square

Who wouldn’t want to live in Brookhaven Square in Norman, Oklahoma? The quaint, English-style neighborhood of narrow streets offers both single family homes and connected townhomes. Accenting the tops of at least 95 of them are authentic-looking composite shake tiles from DaVinci Roofscapes. Here’s what’s most impressive: each of these HOA-approved composite shake roofs was installed by Statewide Roofing.

“These composite shakes provide much more than a beautiful, unified look in Brookhaven Square,” says Blaze Gray, owner of Statewide Roofing in Oklahoma City. “They provide protection. We get some wicked storms in Oklahoma. The DaVinci synthetic shake roofs are Class 4 impact rated. They can stand up to 110 mph winds and severe weather. That’s really important for homeowners in this neighborhood, which is why we keep recommending DaVinci.”

This and many other Brookhaven Square homes are now protected by HOA-approved composite shake roofs.
The Brookhaven Square HOA-approved composite shakes by DaVinci are Class A fire rated. In addition, they resist cracking, splitting and rotting. Insect, mold and fade resistant, the composite tiles are backed by a Lifetime Limited Material Warranty.

One Homeowner’s Story

For Kathy and Terry Barrett, the decision to switch to a DaVinci roof was easy. They lived with a real wood shake roof that was in great condition for five years. Then came a hail storm on April 28th, 2021. Their roof was destroyed.

The HOA-approved composite shake in DaVinci's Tahoe color complements this home's stone facade.The Barretts previously had a DaVinci roof on another home about 15 years ago. That roof impressed them by surviving a terrible hail storm. They even heard that the roof survived the same April 2021 storm that destroyed their wood shake roof. That convinced them to re-invest in a DaVinci roof.

“We knew and appreciated DaVinci products from our previous home,” says Terry Barrett. “The roofing looks great and is cost competitive. We know it’s hail and fire resistant. In addition, it earns us a break on our insurance costs.

“In our Brookhaven community, almost everyone chooses DaVinci. I think that’s because of the authentic appearance, competitive costs, and the long-term safety aspect of the composite roofing.”

Seeking out Statewide Roofing

Knowing it was time for their new roof, the Barretts went in search of a roofer. They didn’t have to look far.

“Statewide Roofing installed the DaVinci roof on our last house,” says Barrett. “They also installed a roof on our daughter’s home. They do great work. Their team keeps the property clean, they’re very protective of the landscaping and are excellent to work with on these large projects.

“We can’t say enough good things about Statewide. They’re on time, on budget and we’d recommend them to others. The fact that they’ve installed 95 roofs in our community — plus DaVinci roofs on 6 community gazebos — speaks volumes.”

This HOA-approved composite shake by DaVinci will resist the powerful Oklahoma storms it's sure to face. A Touch of English Class

For the Barrett’s custom made stone and brick home, Statewide’s Gray recommended DaVinci Multi-Width Shake tiles in a Tahoe color. He also suggested staggering them in a 7-inch and 9-inch placement.

“We loved this roofing placement,” says Barrett. “Our street address is ‘Cotswold Commons.’ We wanted to mimic the Cotswold homes in the United Kingdom, both architecturally and with our landscaping.

“The staggered aspect of the roof is a stand-out success. People stop by to all the time to express how much they like the uniqueness of our roof.”

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