Switching to Composite Shake: All the Benefits, No Headaches

Courtney Atwood is relieved and relaxed. She no longer worries when her Texas weather turns bad. Ever since getting her new  low-maintenance composite DaVinci Shake roof, she’s simply stopped getting so upset.

“We had a wide plank cedar shake shingle roof,” says Atwood, a Colleyville, Texas, resident. “Our poor roof took a beating the last several years. Extreme winters and summer heat. We did the appropriate maintenance to prevent leaks, but we’d still lose shingles. Then moss would grow after every rainstorm.”

Of course Atwood was stressed. Who wouldn’t be? The final straw came after spring hailstorms seemingly deteriorated some shingles. The family knew they needed a permanent solution.

Low-maintenance composite shakes give this family peace of mind knowing their new roof can weather Texas storms.
Doing Your Research

Because Atwood anticipated this day was coming, she and her husband had been thinking about roofing alternatives for awhile. They had done some research on sustainable long-term roofing solutions for their north Texas location. Then, during a vacation in Beaver Creek, Colorado, they viewed a number of homes switching from real cedar to composite DaVinci Shake.

They liked what they saw. The authentic look of the thick DaVinci Shake tiles appealed to them. So when they returned home and roofer Todd Knight recommended the composite shakes, the Atwoods were on board.

“Our old roof was almost 20 years old,” says Atwood. “It was time to go. And, for the design of this home, the roof IS the house, so it was critical we make the change.”

The authentic look of low-maintenance composite shake gives this home the look it deserves without the hassle of natural shake.Built in 1984 by previous owners, the Atwoods have a Salt Box style home with an addition. The roofline, accented with skylights, is the major design highlight of the house. Because they liked their original shake roof style, they worked with a DaVinci representative to find the color and style options that worked best for their home. Their final selection is the Tahoe color in DaVinci Shake.

Finding a Reliable Roofer

Working around the unique design of the Atwood home — plus small children and treasured landscaping — the crew from Dynasty Roofing got to work. They took preventative measures to protect everything from windows and doors to Japanese maple trees and flower beds.

“There’s simply not enough good things we can say about Dynasty Roofing,” says Atwood. “Everything was meticulously cared for like it was their own homes.

“The crew was on time, on budget and exceeded our expectations. We would absolutely recommend Dynasty Roofing to anyone. In fact, we already have!”

The Happy Ending

Neighbors complement this home's new low-maintenance composite roof thanks to the lifelike appearance of DaVinci shake. What’s the end of the story for Atwood? A bit of happy confusion. She can’t decide what she likes best. Having a low-maintenance DaVinci composite shake roof that’s impact and fire resistant and won’t support the growth of mold or algae is a big win. So is being able to sleep through storms without worrying about roofing tiles falling off.

“An added benefit is we’ve noticed during unseasonable hot weather that our home cools quicker and the temperature is easier to maintain,” says Atwood. “Who would have expected a composite roof to help with that?

“However, what absolutely makes me the happiest is a complement we recently received. Someone actually said, ‘we noticed you put on a new cedar shake roof.’ We laughed. This composite roof just looks so authentic, charming and appropriate to our special home! This was such a big decision to make. But, we are so very thankful we made the right choice, with the right product and the right roofer!”