Synthetic Slate Roof Saves Homeowner $2,000 a Year on Insurance

Drive past Sharon and Will Kari’s house and you’ll think the real slate roof has been on their home forever. You’d be wrong on two counts. First, it’s actually synthetic slate roofing. Second, the authentic-looking Province Slate has been on the home for less than a year.

“The realistic-looking DaVinci roofing tiles add so much to the curb appeal of our home,” says Sharon Kari. “They accent the style of our house. I could see that as soon as the Province Slate tiles started being installed.”

Farewell Old Tiles

Let’s take a step back. 23 years ago when the house was constructed, it had a flat tile roof. The Karis moved in almost four years ago. Since that time, they experienced several leaks as the old roof started to deteriorate. A recent leak in the master closet was the last straw.

Since synthetic slate lowers insurance costs, this family gets storm protection and saves money with their new Province Slate roof.

“We caught the failing roof just in time,” says Kari. “It was obvious that the entire roof needed to be replaced. Since we had successfully worked with Dynasty Roofing in the past, we called them again. This time we asked for advice for a new roof.”

After Todd Knight, President of Dynasty Roofing Inc. came to view the roof, he totally agreed with the Karis. “There were many areas of the old roof that were cracked, fading and simply not performing,” says Knight, whose business is based in Fort Worth, Texas. “We’ve installed DaVinci products for 15 years. More than 60 of them right in this same Mira Vista community. We knew instinctively that a synthetic slate roof would look great on this home.”

Synthetic Slate Lowers Insurance Costs

Knight shared samples of Province Slate with Sharon and Will. It was quickly decided that the Slate Gray color was the most compatible with the home’s brick exterior.

“I like the authentic look of the Province Slate,” says Kari. “The profile is very attractive and gives added support to our home’s style.

“Then there are the special features. We get lots of hail in Texas. The Class 4 Impact Rating of the roof is a huge asset. We’ve already checked with our Allstate® insurance representative. We’re going to save $2,000 each year on our homeowner insurance because we invested in this advanced roofing material!”

Synthetic slate lowers insurance costs -- just one of the many reasons more homeowners choose Davinci roofs. Tackling the Roof

Getting the job done required Dynasty Roofing to dedicate a nine-member crew to the project for two weeks. One of the largest challenges was removing and disposing of the old tile.

“This roof is very steep,” says Knight, a member of the DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor Program. “We had to be extremely cautious that the heavy tiles did not fall to the ground during removal. We even built a 50-foot shoot to carry those old tiles to our dumpsters below.

“Once those old tiles were gone, we sailed through the DaVinci roofing installation. Our team installs several DaVinci roofing projects a year, so we have lots of experience with the product. However, this was our time working with Province Slate. We really like the authentic slate look, reasonable price point for a high-end product, and the ease of installation.”

The dedication to a quality installation was very apparent to the homeowners. As a bonus, they knew in addition to protecting their home the new synthetic slate also lowers their insurance costs.

“This roofing crew was exceptionally professional,” says Kari. “Todd was on the jobsite every day. He was available to answer our questions and make adjustments we requested. Their commitment to getting every aspect of the project done right is commendable.

“The finished job is beautiful. We’re getting positive comments from the neighbors. We like the long-term warranty on the product and the no-hassles maintenance aspect. Best of all, the Province Slate has really helped transform the appearance of our home exterior.”