Synthetic Slate Roofing at Ashton Grove Senior Living

When you’re running a large-scale senior living facility, you’ve got more to concern yourself with than the roof overhead. That’s one reason why developers at Continental Senior Communities depend on synthetic slate roofing for their projects.

Most recently, owners of the new Ashton Grove Senior Living center selected DaVinci synthetic slate for their expansive community.

Located in Georgetown, Kentucky, Ashton Grove Senior Living is a sprawling complex. There are 23 independent duplex living cottages. In addition, the main building houses another 90 assisted living units.

Atop all those structures is DaVinci Slate roofing. A custom blend of tonal colors was created so that the buildings “pop” against the landscape backdrop of 25 acres.

“We’ve used the DaVinci synthetic roofing product on our previous four building projects,” says Hannah Hutchison, project manager planning and development for Continental Senior Communities. “We also used the DaVinci product on our other recent developments: Apple Blossom in Pennsylvania  and The Bristol in Ohio.

“The owner of these properties loves the aesthetics and low maintenance features of these synthetic slate roofs.”

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Relying on DaVinci

Opened in April of 2020, Ashton Grove Senior Living features nursing support with gracious living amenities. It was the fifth DaVinci project for Continental Building Company in less than five months.

“We’ve specified DaVinci products for the past five years,” says Victor Senk, project executive for Continental Building Company. “The popularity is growing for these easy-care composite shake and slate tiles.

“We completed other senior living facilities with DaVinci products in the past. High Grove at Tates Creek in Lexington looks terrific with the DaVinci Slate product. In addition, our Middleton project in Granville also has the same DaVinci Slate. The features and benefits of this product are so strong that we keep using it for our most prominent projects.”

Assets of DaVinci 

DaVinci Shake and Slate composite roofing tiles are priced to compete with alternative roofing products. However, their appearance, features and benefits far exceed those of competitors such as stone-coated steel, real wood and high-end asphalt shingles.

When compared to other roofing options, the allure of DaVinci products is unmistakable. The composite roofs live up to the look of nature. However, they do so without the ongoing maintenance, repairs and replacement required of other products.

Manufactured in Kansas, DaVinci composite roofs have an authentic, natural look. The inspired engineering of the synthetic products makes uncommon beauty and performance more attainable for every home and project.

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