Michael LoBuglio: An Architect’s Perspective on Composite Roofing

Architect Michael LoBuglio specifies composite roofing for many reasons, including its authentic look and durability.
Michael LoBuglio is coming up on a decade of specifying composite roofing. It’s paid off for him with award-winning homes that stand up to New England coastal conditions.

“The Peninsula home in Darien, Connecticut, is the best home I’ve ever designed,” says architect Michael LoBuglio, principle of Michael LoBuglio Architects in Newtown, Connecticut.

He’s especially proud of the custom 8,500-square-foot home that’s located on a Long Island Sound inlet. The stunning waterfront structure is topped with DaVinci Multi-Width Slate tiles in Castle Gray … looking so much like real slate that people that visit often can’t believe it’s not natural slate.

Less weight and waste are two important reasons architect Michael LoBuglio specifies composite roofing on his projects. “For this project, the fact that you can literally touch the roof deck from the exterior balconies made it necessary to select very real-looking product,” says LoBuglio. “I like to bring the roof down low to create a human scale. The synthetic slate had to look authentic up close for this to work.

“The design elements I am most proud of for this home are the overall massing of the house, along with the light-admitting cupolas. Topping those off with lead-coated copper that matches the Castle Gray synthetic slate product from DaVinci truly sets off this house design.”

The award-winning home from 2014 spurred architect LoBuglio to specify composite roofing for many of his projects since then. He believes the longevity and realistic look are positive benefits of the composite roofing products.

“In particular, the appearance of the DaVinci tiles is very realistic,” says LoBuglio. “They’re lightweight and durable. Architects should consider that there’s less waste and weight when using composite roofing. But overall, just look at the picture of the Darien home. That shows exactly why composite roofing is a good choice.”

Architect Michael LoBuglioArchitects Perspectives on Composite Roofing

Michael’s firm, Michael LoBuglio Architects, has built a robust, referral-driven business known for balancing modern design principles with traditional and classical designs on projects ranging from waterfront estates to modest renovations. Michael has nearly a decade of experience working with and educating clients about the advantages of composite roofing.