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Slate installation tips – red chalk line stain

Chalk it up to Experience

One of the handiest things a roofer can have in his toolbox is a chalk line. Reliable for creating straight… Read More

Polymer Roofing

Freeze/Thaw No Trouble for DaVinci Polymer Roofing

5 degrees in Nashville. -2 degrees in Atlanta. This past winter's deep freeze stretched far deeper into the South than… Read More


Reduce Jobsite Waste with DaVinci Roofscapes

If you’re like most contractors or roofers, you’re looking for ways to save time and money on the jobsite. Oftentimes… Read More

Polymer Roof

Do Extreme Freeze-Thaw Cycles Affect DaVinci Roof Tiles?

In some parts of the country roofing materials experience very harsh weather with extreme temperature change. The high country in the… Read More


Bundle Up, Roofers!

Sometimes it's simply no fun being a roofer. Like when the morning starts at 28 degrees outside and strong winds… Read More


Winter Roofing Installation With No Worries

Temperatures are dropping and you're adding another sweater to stay warm. But, what about your home? Have you missed the… Read More

Composite Roofing

Get Ready for Ice Dam Season

Heavy snows can cause more worries than just potential avalanches from composite roofing. Almost any roof has the potential for… Read More


Cold Weather + Composite Roofing = Successful Winter Installations

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, But the roofing is so obliging. And since it needs to be installed, Let… Read More


Help Deter Wildfire Spread with DaVinci Polymer Roof Tiles

From coast-to-coast, the number “1” is very important when it comes to wildfires. All it takes is one lightning strike,… Read More

Residential Slate Black

Building Code Basics

The arrival of Hurricane Arthur on the East Coast over July 4th weekend shines the spotlight once again on building… Read More

Slate Roof Installation

Using The Right Color Chalk Line Makes a Difference

Over the years I have seen many steep slope roofing installations where the installer used red or black chalk when snapping chalk… Read More


Helpful Tip: Installing DaVinci Tiles with No Waste

I often get calls from contractors about how much waste they should add to their bid when figuring multi-width DaVinci… Read More

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