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hand split siding product from davinci roofscapes

Contractor Tips for Working with Composite Shake Keyway Pieces

By-lined by Eric Salvesen, Technical Service Manager for DaVinci Roofscapes During the past few months I’ve traveled to jobsites where… Read More

BFSL Custom

Six Winter Safety Tips for Roofing Contractors

Originally posted in Roofing Contractor During the winter months, there are few workplaces more dangerous than the roof of a… Read More

gutter replacement on home

Gutter Replacement Advice for Contractors

When it comes to expertise in the Maryland area on gutter replacements, there’s one company that stands out: Fick Bros…. Read More


Get Up on the Roof Faster with Polymer Roofing

If you’re a roofing contractor, you live by the old saying, “time is money.” For you, this means getting new… Read More

roof ice dams

What’s the Big Deal About Roof Ice Dams?

They’re actually fairly pretty, and many roof ice dams look like white frosting just dripping off the house. But looks… Read More


Yes, You Really Need Snow Guards

The Spring thaw couldn’t come quick enough in 2017 for Tim Carter. That’s when he truly appreciated his snow guards…. Read More

polymer roofing

Freeze/Thaw No Trouble for DaVinci Polymer Roofing

5 degrees in Nashville. -2 degrees in Atlanta. Sometimes winter’s deep freeze stretches far deeper into the South than usual…. Read More

snow guard synthetic roofing

Demystifying Snow Guards on Synthetic Roofing

What are those funny-looking “things” that poke up from rooftops in some areas of the country? They’re snow guards —… Read More

cold weather roofing

Cold Weather Roofing Installation Tips for Roofers

Sometimes it’s simply no fun being a roofer. Like when the morning starts at 28 degrees outside and strong winds… Read More

snow guards

Retrofitting Snow Guards

We all make mistakes. For people living in snow-prone areas who invest in a composite roof, but decide against snow… Read More

Snow Guards

Q&A: A Guide to Snow Guards

You’ve got questions on snow guards … and we’ve got the answers! Here’s everything you need to know about how… Read More

Synthetic Slate

National Safety Month Jobsite Tips

June is National Safety Month … an excellent time for a refresher course on jobsite safety when installing a DaVinci… Read More

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