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Mossy Cedar Roof exterior color schemes

Exterior Color Schemes With Mossy Cedar Roof

Mossy Cedar has the look of cedar shaded from direct sunlight. The aging process in these conditions gives the roofing material… Read More

black oak exterior color schemes

Exterior Color Schemes: Black Oak Roof Recommendations

It’s an odd dilemma.  You need a new roof but you don’t want a roof that looks new. We get it…. Read More

Chesapeake Night Train with house

Colors for Your Home Exterior: Why Now is the Time To Think About Color

Color is always on my mind but right now many people are focused on color. International Color Day is celebrated… Read More

Nature Crafted Collection by DaVinci Roofscapes

DaVinci Roofscapes Nature Crafted Collection is On Trend

No matter how forward reaching the design and color trends, the narrative always includes a look back to the past…. Read More

Mountain Shake Paris Rain

Color Trends 2018 Part 1 – Warm Tones

Red Color Trends 2018 Why red? Because it is “strong, radiant and full of energy.” It instills confidence and calls… Read More

regional exterior colors Orange County

Regional Exterior Colors of Orange County California

Every region of the country has colors that define the area. In lesser populated areas it is the colors of… Read More

custom colors composite roofing

Composite Roofing Custom Colors No Problem at DaVinci Roofscapes

A swatch of your favorite forest green rug. A sample of sand-colored concrete tile. A burgundy velvet curtain. If you… Read More

slate roof

Regional Exterior Colors of Long Island NY

My eye is always looking at the colors and combinations when I travel. The colors that people choose to paint… Read More

Best Exterior Color Schemes for DaVinci Roofs

Best Exterior Color Scheme Match for Your DaVinci Roof

Once homeowners have selected their beautiful new DaVinci roof, the next thing they often ask us is for the best… Read More


4 Steps to Make Your Home’s Exterior Paint Look as Good as New

By Christine Tusher, Houzz A pristine exterior paint job not only increases your home’s curb appeal; it also helps protect… Read More


Visualizing Your Home Exterior With a New Look

You wouldn’t purchase a car without taking it for test drive, right? Or choose a dress or suit without trying… Read More


Exterior Color Schemes: Chesapeake Roof Recommendations

Envision a house on the bay full of family memories featuring DaVinci’s Chesapeake roof tone. It evokes a tranquil side… Read More

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