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How to Get Craftsman-Style Curb Appeal

By Laura Gaskill, Houzz The Craftsman-style home is one of the most charming (and popular) home styles in America, and… Read More


How To Handle Falling In Love With More Than One At A Time

Recently I worked with a couple who asked my advice on a topic I don’t often discuss. They had fallen… Read More

Designer Roof

Tips for Adding Curb Appeal to the Home

Want to truly personalize your home exterior? Then National Curb Appeal Month is the time to let your creative spirit… Read More


More Tips For Exterior Color From The Top Down

In my last blog post I gave you the top 3 reasons that homeowners are opting to go with a… Read More


Tips For Exterior Color From The Top Down

More today than perhaps at any time in the past homeowners are opting to go with a neutral as the… Read More


Color From The Top Down Infographic

Has a home ever caught your eye simply because it was so well put together? The home might not be… Read More


Curb Appeal Starts Up on the Roof

During National Curb Appeal Month in August, national color expert Kate Smith reminds everyone that adding "top down" color to… Read More

Designer Roof

Colorful Imitation Slate Shingles from DaVinci

Go ahead and imagine it … a new composite slate roof sitting atop your home. Now close your eyes. What… Read More

Brownstone Blend

Warming Up Your Home Exterior

Say farewell to the days of harsh exterior color combinations on a house. These days, warmer tones of beiges and… Read More


Understanding Paint Color Undertone

  When it comes to choosing color for your home, what you don’t immediately see about a paint color is… Read More

Designer Roof

Color Tips for Gaining a Warm Home Exterior

Neutral tones of beige, brown and gray are the "in" thing when it comes to color for the home exterior…. Read More

Polymer Roofing

Give Your Home a FRESH look this Summer

The snows have finally melted, but the harsh winter and stormy spring weather has left your home looking a bit… Read More

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