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Loyal to Royals!

Blue champagne? Absolutely! That's what we believe should be flowing in our famous Kansas City fountains today after the Kansas… Read More

Colorful Ranch-Style Homes

Known for their long and low architectural style, Ranch homes can be sprawling masterpieces just waiting for the right colors… Read More

National Do Something Nice (For Your Home) Day

  October 5th is National Do Something Nice Day. It serves as a reminder to us all, as it is easy… Read More

Home Exterior Color Trends: Go For The Gold

A slightly softened gold is emerging as an important color as we move into 2016 and it is a perfect… Read More

Which Needs Sunblock — Maple Trees Or DaVinci Roofs?

The answer is maple tress. Are you surprised? I was when I read that while studying the fall color changes… Read More

Adding Color to Lightweight Roofing Tiles on Colonial-Style Homes

Known for their symmetrical design, Colonial-style homes are a blank canvas waiting for color. That's the viewpoint of Kate Smith,… Read More

Hard to Bungle Cedar Shake Roofing Colors on Bungalow Homes

Relaxed and refined, Bungalow-style homes offer a variety of opportunities to welcome color in many ways. According to Kate Smith,… Read More

photo of home exterior

Color Help in Oklahoma!

Need help on color. I’m looking to replace my existing cedar shake roof & I’m considering DaVinci Multi-Width Shakes. Photos… Read More

Going Gray, Looking Great!

Gray is beautiful. Whether on the silvery locks of a woman or the unique weathered gray blend on a designer… Read More

What Colorful Exteriors Say About You

Image from bigstock.com Over the years as I’ve worked with hundreds of homeowners I have found that people will often… Read More

sell curb appeal blog tips national month 2015

National Curb Appeal Month

  We’re right in the middle of National Curb Appeal Month, so it’s a great time to think about how… Read More

photo of home exterior

Need A Color Recommendation

Could you provide a color recommendation? Thanks, Frank Gable Reading, PA Product: Single Width Slate      *** Dear Mr. Gable,… Read More

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