Flying Garbage Cans? No Problem with a DaVinci Roof

Is there any chance we’ll meet Tammy, Vince and Whitney this year? When it comes to your roof’s hurricane readiness, those are the last three storm names that would be used for the 2023 Hurricane Season ending November 30.

Even though it’s unlikely all the names on the hurricane list will be used this year, there is a very good chance that high winds and severe weather will impact many areas of the United States. That’s why a high-wind resistant composite roof from DaVinci Roofscapes is a good choice for homes across the country.

It’s Brutally Windy Outside

Roof hurricane readiness is greatly improved with a DaVinci roof that's built to withstand winds up to 110 mph. Can you imagine the conditions your roof goes through at winds of 30, 50 or even 90 mph? A reporter with the Associated Press wanted to experience these conditions for himself, so he went to a wind tunnel laboratory at the University of Maryland. After getting harnessed in, he had the team crank up the winds … all the way up to 100 mph.

Watch the video of the winds impacting his body. Clearly, if he wasn’t anchored and harnessed in, he would have been blown away.

Roof Hurricane Readiness

During severe weather — not even hurricane conditions — high winds can rip some roofing tiles right off the roof. And, flying debris during a storm can deeply damage some roofs. Not DaVinci polymer roofing.

Our roofs are manufactured and tested to stand firm in extreme weather conditions.  DaVinci roofs meet the ASTME D3161 test for withstanding 110 mph sustained winds. Our simulated shake roofing and composite slate roof tiles also have a Class 4 impact rating (UL 2218 Impact test). So, if a tree limb falls on your DaVinci roof or a flying garbage can hits it, you don’t have to worry about broken tiles.

Learn more about how DaVinci synthetic roofing materials can help keep your property safe at Worried? Sleep Easier with a DaVinci Roof Overhead