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Why a Fixed Feature is the Starting Point for an Exterior Color Scheme

What is a fixed feature? When I refer to a fixed feature, I am talking about any element on the exterior… Read More

Style Kings: NE and Midwest Homeowners Replace Roofs for Style Desire

When you think style do you think top design and top quality? Most people do. The 2011 DaVinci Roofscapes’ Homeowners Exterior… Read More

Tennis Balls of Ice Demolish Roof

After a ferocious hail storm destroyed the 80-year-old clay roofing tiles on his home in 2010, homeowner Dean Imel described… Read More

How To Give Your Home Personality

The look of your exterior sets the tone for your entire home. Most people believe that what they see on… Read More

Synthetic Slate Roof Cost

If you have Googled the cost of a synthetic slate roof and have found this blog, you are probably looking… Read More

What Does Your Home Says About Your Personality?

  If you're like most homeowners, you believe your home reflects your personality. Results of the 2011 DaVinci Roofscapes' Homeowners… Read More

Find Products Perfect For Your Life-Sized Home

  One of the hot topics of conversation in home design is the way homeowners in the second half of… Read More

What Homeowners Want – Style? Comfort? Durability?

Being practical might be the wise choice but it isn’t always the one we prefer. Take shoes for example. By… Read More

Color Trends 2012: Neutrals Get Colorful

The last home exterior color trend for 2012/2013 that I’ll be talking about before heading off to present at the… Read More

Home Exterior Color Trends 2012/2013: Green's A Natural

As I have been looking at the 2012/2013 color trends for home exteriors that I’ll be presenting at the International Builders’… Read More

Historic Peterson House Gets DaVinci Polymer Roof

In Durango, Colo., the milled wood roof shingles on the 1880s Peterson House were so worn by time and weather… Read More

Color Trends 2012: Blue is Beautiful

I've been putting together some advice on how to use the 2012/2013 color trends for home exteriors for my presentation at the International Builders'… Read More

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