Snow Guards – Even in the Summer

Sometimes when the summer heat is beating on your neck and sweat is running down your face, it's hard to think about snow. However, when it comes to roofs, summer is one of the best times to think about the snow potential for the upcoming season.

Snowguard on DaVinci SlatePerhaps you had a lot of snow last year, and the snow came tumbling off your roof, damaging your bushes and other shrubs below.

Did you know there's a way to prevent that snow avalanche from coming off your roof?

The answer is snowguards.

Snowguards are metal devices that can be retrofitted onto your existing DaVinci roof – they help snow to melt slowly and therefore come off your roof in a nice, peaceful manner (usually in the form of water), rather than all at once, creating an avalanche effect.

If you are installing a new DaVinci roof and live in an area where there is a decent amount of snow fall every year, snowguards are definitely something to consider to protect the areas below the roof of your home or business (including bushes, shrubs, vehicles and more).

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