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Roofing colors should reflect a homeowner's personal style and tie in with the overall home exterior. DaVinci's polymer slate and shake color blends (which can include a mixture of two to eight different colored tiles) help create a softer overall tone on the roof. By selecting a DaVinci roof blend with multiple colors, you have the flexibility to "pick out" different colors from the roof to use as accent colors for your shutters, trim and other home features.

The multitude of DaVinci color options (including 49 standard colors!) make a home stand out in the marketplace. Our colors can be mixed and matched to create your own custom pattern, or you can have DaVinci create a custom color just for your home. At DaVinci, our color options are limited only by your imagination!

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Here's your chance to ask DaVinci's color expert what colors would look best on your house. Just click the link to submit your color question with and include an image of your house.

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Is there a fee? Does it take longer to get a custom blend? For answers to these questions and more, visit our Color Studio FAQs section.

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FRESH Color Schemes for Your Home Exterior

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FRESH Home Exterior Colors

5 Steps for Finding the Perfect Hues for Your Home

In her first ebook Kate introduces you to her FRESH approach to picking coloring. FRESH is the approach Kate uses as a certified color professional when selecting colors for a home exterior. Just follow the tips in this guidebook to pick the perfect colors for your home exterior.

Download Kate's 5 Steps for Finding the Perfect Color Hues for Your Home Watch 'FRESH - 5 Steps on Choosing Exterior Color'

Selecting Color from the Top Down

Kate Smith Lends Her Expertise to DaVinci Roofscapes

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Still Need Help Deciding? Let Kate Help You Create Your Vision

If you'd like a one-on-one professional consultation to help you create your own color blend to perfectly match or complement your home, our color expert, Kate Smith can guide you to ensure your utmost satisfaction. Since our tiles are guaranteed for 50 years, we can help you be absolutely sure that your DaVinci roof is exactly what you envisioned.

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