Snow Guard Tips for Engineered Polymer Roofing

If you get something in your eye that needs attention, you don’t go to a general doctor — you go to an eye doctor. Why? Because an optometrist is a specialist in eye care.

Similarly, if you’re installing polymer roofing in snow-prone areas, it’s best to consult a specialist on the type of snow guards that will work best for your luxury roof project. The knowledgeable team at Rocky Mountain Snow Guards have great insights on the variety of shapes, sizes, colors and styles of snow guards that work best when installed with synthetic roofing material.

Here are some of their tips:

– Homes with “slippery” roofing materials (such as metal or synthetic roofing material) greatly benefit from having snow guards installed since they are designed to stop avalanches from taking place and thus protecting areas that are located under the roof (such as patio furniture, plants, cars, toys, porches, gutters and people).

– Whether you refer to them as snow guards, snow cleats, snow brackets, snow jacks or snow pads, these helpful roof items are design to reduce snow movement and control the rate of melting snow. When doing their job correctly, they should help break down the roof’s snow mass into smaller and safer sections.

– The quantity and pattern of snow guard installation on a fake slate roof should match the specific needs of the roof to provide the most uniform system of snow retention possible. The strength of a snow guard is only one factor in controlling rooftop snow. Snow guards must be installed in a high enough density and in the right pattern to keep the snow in place. Click HERE to use a free Snow Guard Calculator. Always have your roofing contractor include the snowguards and their installation in their quote.

– Snow guards can be made of many materials … from copper to Kynar-coated aluminum to steel. Research the type of product that will work best in your area before making a purchase.

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