Best Exterior Color Scheme to Match Your Roof

Do you want the best exterior color scheme to match your DaVinci roof? You may be thrilled about updating the look of your home, yet at the same time, you think looking through hundreds of colors and infinite color combinations is overwhelming. If you are feeling both excited and overwhelmed, you are not alone.

I understand. Over the years, with my help, hundreds of homeowners have gone from feeling paralyzed by the number of choices to confidently selecting their colors. Now, I want to help you feel the same satisfaction of creating a beautiful home exterior.

For each of the gorgeous DaVinci colors, there are inspiring color schemes to harmonize with the color of your roof.


Exterior Color Schemes for your Autumn Shake Roof

A classically tailored roof brings a well-styled feel to the entire home. From the coast to the farm, the versatile nature of the Autumn shade is an alluring benefit.

Autumn is one of my favorite times of the year, and DaVinci’s Autumn cedar shake alternative is also one of my favorite color blends. It works well with many colors, and the variations of hues of Autumn blend perfectly with the natural environment.

See exterior color schemes to match your Autumn shake roof.

Perfect Colors with your Chesapeake Shake Roof

Envision a house on the bay full of family memories featuring DaVinci’s Chesapeake roof tone. It evokes a tranquil side of home design. This tone can blend with relaxing exterior paint colors to create the ultimate oasis.

Homes in any region can capture DaVinci’s Chesapeake color’s feeling by choosing an exterior color scheme that befits this classic roof’s tones.

See exterior color schemes to match your Chesapeake shake roof.


Exterior Color Schemes for your Mountain Shake Roof

This home on the range is tall on style with the feature roof color Mountain. A westward journey of color scaling monstrous mountains, creeks, and streams in the wilderness brings an earthy hue to any rooftop.

Choosing an exterior color scheme for your home with this rich grayed brown is easy because it goes well with many colors. What makes it difficult is deciding which color scheme you like best for your home from what seems like an infinite number of color combinations.

Homes vary by region, but DaVinci’s Mountain color fits the timberline build and houses in various locations and styles.

See exterior color schemes to match your Mountain shake roof.


Color Palettes for a Tahoe Shake Roof

Tahoe is an earthy blend of color with all sorts of scenic appeal. From a sandy beach to a pine-scented mountain range, Tahoe DaVinci Shake’s natural elements are undeniable.

Choosing an exterior color scheme for your home with Tahoe shakes isn’t tricky because this rich brown goes well with many popular color schemes. It looks great with so many color palettes that it may be challenging to decide your favorite.

See exterior color schemes to match your Tahoe shake roof.

Best Exterior Color Scheme with Weathered Gray roof.

Exterior Color Schemes for your Weathered Gray Shake Roof

From oceanside to the countryside, DaVinci Weathered Gray roof shake is topping off homes with significant style. Weathered Gray is a lower contrast option that works well with neutral tones but can support almost any color setting. The lighter roof hue appears weightless and is especially beneficial in warmer climates.

 See exterior color schemes to match your Weathered Gray shake roof.

Best Exterior Color Scheme for Brownstone Slate

Exterior Color Schemes for your Brownstone Slate Roof

When first quarried, slate is never brown. After months of exposure to the elements, some types of slate turn brown. If unexpected, this color change is a shock to homeowners. DaVinci slate provides a consistent brown color with zero surprises. The brown remains as beautiful as it was on day one.

See exterior color schemes to match Brownstone slate.

Best Exterior Color Scheme for European Slate

Exterior Color Schemes for your European Slate Roof

A roof is typically not a home’s focal point, but it can steal the show with DaVinci European roof tiles. European slate style roof offers multiple shades of colors rooted in black and gray, accented with deep reddish-purple tones. These make choosing the best exterior color simple.

See exterior color schemes to match European slate.

Best Exterior Color Scheme with Slate Black

Exterior Color Schemes for your Slate Black Roof

Slate Black is a timeless roofing color applied to every house style, from ultra-modern to traditional homes. The look of stone extracted from the earth centuries ago has continued to be a popular choice. Its exterior color versatility is a significant advantage in home design.

See exterior color schemes to match Slate Black.

Exterior Color Scheme for Slate Gray

Exterior Color Schemes for your Slate Gray Roof

The most popular roofing choice is gray, a trending exterior paint color. Slate Gray is medium in value (lightness or darkness) and the warmest of the slate grays. It is a very versatile color that works well with various color palettes.

See exterior color schemes to match Slate Gray slate.

Best Exterior Color Scheme with Smokey Gray slate.

Exterior Color Schemes for your Smokey Gray Slate Roof

Smokey Gray is perfect if you can’t decide between black and gray because you don’t have to. Let the natural light decide. Sometimes, the roof will look grayer, sometimes more black; occasionally, it will even flash a bit of navy blue. It is easy to fall in love with this attractive deep charcoal slate.

See exterior color schemes to match Smokey Gray slate.

Even More FRESH Ideas for Selecting Colors for Your Home Exterior

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This blog was originally published in 2021.

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