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Residential Castle Gray

Michael LoBuglio: An Architect’s Perspective on Composite Roofing

Michael LoBuglio is coming up on a decade of specifying composite roofing. It’s paid off for him with award-winning homes… Read More

A closer look at the DaVinci roof on this historic Frank Lloyd Wright home.

How to Work with Historical Groups to Get Composite Roofing Approved for Your Project

Throughout America, there are historical groups, boards, societies and associations dedicated to preserving historic homes and sites. If you own… Read More


That’s a Lot of Roof

One look at the new office building designed by CLH Architects in Elkhorn, Nebraska immediately shows you a massive roof… Read More


Architect Gives Insights Into Specifying DaVinci

Architect Emily Koenig, AIA, with Architect One, Inc., waited 10 years to specify DaVinci Roofscapes synthetic roofing. She was searching… Read More

Luxury Roof

What Architects Can Expect When Calling DaVinci Roofscapes

Pampered. In one word, that’s how an architect feels when they call us for assistance. At DaVinci Roofscapes we understand… Read More

Custom Blend – Fired Brick Red

From the Architect’s Corner – Harvesting Rainwater

Design Opportunity – This question doesn’t come up often, but from time to time I am asked if our eco friendly roof… Read More


Roof Eyebrow

Roofs can come in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes I think architects spend most of their time just trying to… Read More

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