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composite slate roofing synthetic slate tiles

Composite Slate and Shake Roofing Options for Your Home

If you love the look of cedar shake or natural slate roofing, there’s no reason to shy away from either… Read More

Colorful Composite Slate Roof Eases Sellers’ Remorse

Who wouldn’t miss this beautiful house? Certainly the Hill family did. Deciding to downsize after their children were grown, the Hills… Read More

Province™ Slate Transforms Neighborhood Eyesore

When your roof looks bad, the appearance of your entire home suffers. Sitting on the waterfront in a very upscale… Read More

Color Confusion? Consult with Kate!

Dr. Armando Saltiel knew it was time to replace the 25-year-old cedar shake roof on his home. After meeting with… Read More

Seasonal Roofing Tips from Eric Salvesen

Have you ever wanted to call DaVinci’s technical department and ask a question about snow guards, nails or how to… Read More

Celebrating Synthetic Shake Roof at Biltmore Winery!

Let’s raise a toast! To Biltmore Winery and its new DaVinci synthetic shake roof overhead! Part of the famed Biltmore®… Read More

How to Choose Exterior House Colors: Top 5 Tips from a Color Pro

After providing guidance to hundreds of homeowners choosing exterior house colors, I know that even a tiny bit of knowledge… Read More

How To Get Your Colors Approved By Your HOA Quickly and Easily

You bought it, love it, and enjoy keeping your home looking great. So why does someone else get a say… Read More

Select Shake Replaces Hail-Damaged Real Cedar Shake Roofing

Here’s the bottom line of this story, provided by Denning, a homeowner in Appleton, Wisconsin: “Select Shake looks fantastic …… Read More

roof with loose, torn and missing shingles

Getting Your Roof Ready for Spring

Snow may still be piled up, but now is the time to think about getting your roof ready for warmer… Read More

Solar Panel on Roof

Capturing Sunshine: Solar Panels and Synthetic Roofing

The customer and technical services departments at DaVinci Roofscapes get many questions each week. One of the hottest questions these… Read More

Patience and Persistence Pay Off for Roofer and Homeowner

Sometimes it takes both patience and persistence to get a new roof on a home. Just ask Benjamin Jacobs and… Read More

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