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More Tips For Exterior Color From The Top Down

In my last blog post I gave you the top 3 reasons that homeowners are opting to go with a… Read More

Tips For Exterior Color From The Top Down

More today than perhaps at any time in the past homeowners are opting to go with a neutral as the… Read More

How Light Affects Colors of Your Home

To understand how different types of light affects colors, you have to know a little about what light is, how… Read More

Color Lesson: Defining Colors

After working with hundreds of homeowners I know that a little color knowledge can go a long way to end… Read More

Color Risks Not To Take

Have you ever wanted to be bolder with your color choices? Try something that really stands out or shouts "wow"?… Read More

Best Red For A Home Exterior

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and red can be seen just about everywhere. While you’re surrounded by this vibrant hue… Read More

Home Exterior Color Trends For 2016: Natural Green

An appreciation of our natural environment along with being more conscious of the long term impact everyday actions will have… Read More

Wondering What Color Trends You’ll Be Seeing in 2016? Here’s A Sneak Peek!

As the year draws to a close there is always lots of interest in what is ahead in the new… Read More

Slate Roof Color Originally Found On Your Early American Home

Wondering what color slate was most often found on American homes built from 1785 to the early 1900s? The best… Read More

National Do Something Nice (For Your Home) Day

  October 5th is National Do Something Nice Day. It serves as a reminder to us all, as it is easy… Read More

Home Exterior Color Trends: Go For The Gold

A slightly softened gold is emerging as an important color as we move into 2016 and it is a perfect… Read More

What Colorful Exteriors Say About You

Image from bigstock.com Over the years as I’ve worked with hundreds of homeowners I have found that people will often… Read More

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