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custom slate roof

No Regrets

Have you ever been asked by a friend how you REALLY like something a few years after you purchase it… Read More

Shake Roof

If It’s Good Enough to Withstand Hurricane Katrina …

Want to find a dependable roofing product? Then go visit an area devastated by severe weather. That’s what John Adler… Read More

home with davinci composite roof

Thank You

This is Customer Loyalty Month — a great time for all of us at DaVinci Roofscapes to extend our sincere… Read More

davinci synthetic slate roof on home in pennsylvania

Ask a Homeowner

If you’re starting to research new roof options and you’ve found this blog site, then you know that we have… Read More

Synthetic Shake

Iowa Roofer Offers Key Advice to Homeowners

Brad VanWeelden knows roofs. For more than 20 years his team has installed roofing systems in homes throughout the Des… Read More

polymer slate

Contractors Love DaVinci Replacement Roofs

You’ve seen it before. Maybe while driving through your neighborhood. You look up at a house and your eyes fix… Read More

Lifetime Roof

Roofers Applaud Lifespan & Looks of DaVinci Roofs

Contractors and roofers can be a valuable source of information for consumers. While a homeowner may replace their roof only… Read More

Polymer Slate

“Uncle Joe” Tells You About Roofing

You know you need a new roof, but who do you turn to for reliable information? Usually if you have… Read More

Synthetic Slate

Survey Says …

Take a survey of what surprises people the most about having a new DaVinci Roofscapes composite roof and we're betting… Read More

Polymer Roof Tiles

DaVinci Composite Roofing Sparks Confidence in Roofers

Have a toothache? You go to a trusted dentist. Need your car worked on? You head to a trusted mechanic…. Read More

Lifetime Roof

Research Your Designer Roof Options

Remember forts made of blankets and chairs in the living room? Today your fort has a real roof overhead and… Read More

shake images including multi-width, single-width, Bellaforte, and fancy shake

Listen and Learn

When your parents first sent you to school, they probably did so with the admonishment to “listen and learn.” In… Read More

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