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Cedar Roof

Exploring Alternative Roofing Materials

Congratulations. You’re one of those roofers. The same old thing isn’t good enough for you. Or for your clients. So… Read More

Owning a DaVinci Composite Roof: Then and Now

What’s it like to own a DaVinci roof for 7, 10, or more years? We went back and asked some… Read More

Five Tips from a Homeowner Who Knows Roof Replacements

When the wind blew, Seattle area homeowners Sandy and Gary Kerr found cedar shakes raining down from their roof. That’s… Read More

Composite Roofing Ideal Solution for Historic Homes

If you’ve got an older home, you know there’s more to worry about than just the occasional creaking of old… Read More

dmcp umbrella roofing example house photo

No Tricks When Doing Your Roofing Research

Poor Charlie Brown. In the famous story “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,”  the Peanuts gang goes out trick or… Read More

Shake Tile Roof

DaVinci Composite Roofing Withstands Category 5 Hurricane

When Hurricane Irma made landfall on the small island of Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands on September 5-6… Read More

Roofers: Look Here for Easy Installation

Let’s face it, being a roofer is not an easy job. There’s lots of lifting, balancing on different roof angles… Read More

Keeping Churches Safe

When many church members bow their heads in prayer, they’re often thanking God for the roof over their heads. During… Read More

Neighborly Advice

Forget about borrowing a cup of sugar from your neighbors. Instead, borrow their great idea for a new roof. That’s… Read More

No “Weather Woes” According to DaVinci Homeowners

Whether you live in an area prone to severe winds, hail or even close to wildfire activity, homeowners investing in… Read More

synthetic shake

The Last Roof You Will Put on Your Home

When Anthony Walsh gets involved in a re-roofing project, he wants it done right. His company, Durashield, prides itself on… Read More

shake tile roof

Standing the Test of Time

Back in 2013 the condo community of Mai Kai decided it was time to re-roof their 34 units located in… Read More

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