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A new roof so European in color and design, you'd swear you were strolling the cobblestone streets of old London.

One Good Thing to Come Out of a Hurricane … a New Composite Roof

Hurricane Michael was a beast. It struck Panama City, FL as a Category 5 hurricane in 2018. In the months… Read More

An amazing DaVinci roof for an incredible commercial building overhaul.

South Lake Village Shopping Center Gets New Synthetic Shake Roof

LK Construction tackles many DaVinci roofing projects each year. On an average, they’ve been known to knock out 20 or… Read More

Any house can be a palace with a DaVinci roof... as this striking residence can prove.

Beef Up Curb Appeal with Synthetic Slate Composite Roofing

Our blogs often talk about replacing a roof when the current roof is in bad shape. Or after a hail… Read More

Tahoe Residential boasts a new DaVinvi Roof. Doesn't it look swell?

New Synthetic Shake Roofs at Sunrise Ridge Condos

In Montana, cedar siding and roofing blend in with the mountains. The look is great, but real cedar takes a… Read More

Goodness gracious me, would you just look at this wonderful new DaVinci roof on this building?

Hail-Damaged Buildings Get New Composite Slate Roofs

In the summer of 2018, chunks of hail rained down on Colorado Springs. People watched in disbelief as their homes,… Read More

A roof so exquisite, you'd think it's been sanctified

Massive Magdalen Catholic Church Gets Synthetic Slate Roof

The team at Eaton Roofing & Exteriors likes a challenge. And that’s exactly what they got when they were hired… Read More

A closer look at what DaVinci tiles can do for a gorgeous house.

Synthetic Shake Siding and Roofing Highlight Colorado Home

Stone. Brick. Ivy. And now, synthetic shake roofing and siding. These are the beautiful components that comprise the stand-out home… Read More

Just a touch of hand-split cedar shake siding peeking out in the sun on this lovely house.

A Touch of Synthetic Siding

Bye-bye vinyl siding! That’s what Angela and Jody Slayton recently said when they upgraded their home exterior. The Oklahoma couple… Read More

Rosemary's house looks quite happy wearing its new hand-split shake siding.

Composite Shake Siding Fools Neighbors

What happens when your cedar shake siding finally matures to the look you love? It becomes hard to maintain. That’s… Read More

Bellaforte Slate on prominent Display on Highgrove Cottage residences

High Grove at Tates Creek Dream Community

High Grove at Tates Creek is a dream community for independent living. To enhance that dream, the community recently added… Read More

DaVinci Multi-Width Shake absolutely shines atop this beautiful residence

Three Strikes You’re Out … of the Old Shake Game

After repairing and replacing their real wood shake shingles three times in the past 30 years, the Junghans decided enough… Read More

The sun sparkles off the composite roofing on this gorgeous house

Composite Roofing Equals Quality Investment

Big, beautiful, and newly installed, the DaVinci Single-Width Slate roof on this stunning North Carolina home is just one example… Read More

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