Tile Roofs Come in Many Shapes and Sizes

Basic Roof Designs by Encyclopedia Britannica Roofs can have very different roof shapes. In fact, just as the structure of most homes differs in some way or another, roofs also come in dozens of shapes and sizes. They can have steep slopes or be flat as a pancake. They can be studded with turrets, have intersecting gables, or varying slopes. To see a wide variety of roofs, all most people need to do is take a walk around the neighborhood. Most homes are going to show at least some differences in roof shapes, and a few may even exhibit striking, rounded turrets and other interesting features.

Although installing tiles on some of those roofs looks like a serious challenge, we make the installation easier in several ways. We can provide polymer roof tiles for any steep-slope structure. If you’ve ordered one of our color blends, you’ll be pleased to know that when the contractor receives our tiles, he or she doesn’t have to sort through them because they come in pre-collated bundles that are arranged by color and size. Also, we make it easier to find a high-end contractor who is experienced in  installing our products on different roof shapes.

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