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Residential Tahoe

Select Shake Replaces Hail-Damaged Real Cedar Shake Roofing

Here’s the bottom line of this story, provided by Denning, a homeowner in Appleton, Wisconsin: “Select Shake looks fantastic …… Read More

Residential Mountain

Patience and Persistence Pay Off for Roofer and Homeowner

Sometimes it takes both patience and persistence to get a new roof on a home. Just ask Benjamin Jacobs and… Read More

Residential Evergreen

Benefits of Finding the Right Roofer

Frank Davis hit the jackpot when he hired Knox Roofing to reroof his 27-year-old Georgian-style home. Along with finding the… Read More

Residential Slate Black

Catherine’s Castle

Forget Romeo and Juliet. Toss out Cleopatra and Mark Antony. Wave goodbye to Bonnie and Clyde. If you want true… Read More


Farewell Flying Shakes!

There are three ways to know when you’ve waited too long to get your roof replaced. First, when you can… Read More

Residential Slate Gray

Turnkey Support Simplifies Switch to Composite Slate

When Michelle Dooley reached out to DaVinci Roofscapes for assistance with a new roof, she hit the trifecta. Her switch… Read More

Residential Slate Black

Province Slate Roof Improves Golf Course Living

Did you know that once struck, a golf ball can exceed 150 mph? That type of impact, if striking a… Read More

Custom Commercial

Historical School Gets Synthetic Slate Roof

Replacing the roof on a historic structure takes a great deal of coordination. To preserve the celebrated status of the… Read More

Residential Slate Gray

Synthetic Slate Roof Saves Homeowner $2,000 a Year on Insurance

 Drive past Sharon and Will Kari’s house and you’ll think the real slate roof has been on their home… Read More

Slate Black Residential

Composite Slate Improves Lakeside Living

Lakefront living is meant for leisure times, not for maintaining a roof. So when the Hochman’s fiber cement slate roof… Read More

Mountain Commercial

Synthetic Select Shake Tops 325 Townhomes

When the Riva Ridge community of 325 townhomes wanted to switch to composite shake roofs, they had to get permission… Read More

Aged Cedar Residential

Synthetic Shake Roof Updates Home’s Appearance

Gerardo Contreras’s roof was in trouble long before he moved into his home in 2020. The real cedar shake roof… Read More

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