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Castle Gray Commercial

DaVinci Synthetic Slate Creates French Chateau Setting at Cru Uncorked

Visit Cru Uncorked and your fine dining experience starts long before you get to your table. As you approach the… Read More

Aged Cedar Residential

HOA-Approved Synthetic Shake Blankets Harbour Point

Life is changing for homeowners in the private community of Harbour Point. Located on Lake Lanier in Georgia, two years… Read More

Black Oak Residential

Flying Shingles Final Straw for Homeowners

When is it time to replace a real cedar shake roof? According to homeowner Kenneth Franzese, when you keep finding… Read More

Aged Cedar Residential

Composite Shake Siding Stands Up to Salty Sea Air

Go to the very end of St. Pete Beach in Florida and you’ll find the town of Pass-a-Grille Beach. That’s… Read More

Tahoe Residential

DaVinci Roof Survives Category 5 Hurricane Irma

On September 6, 2017, the British Virgin Islands took a direct hit from Hurricane Irma. The Category 5 storm unleashed… Read More

Black Oak Residential

Wetlands Wonder with Long-Lasting Synthetic Shake Roof

Imagine living in a setting where eagles nest on your land. Where your property stretches down to a dock area… Read More

Custom Blend Residential

Architect Specifies Custom-Color Synthetic Slate Roof for Home

Stephen Skinner knows how to set his home design projects apart. Look up and start with a sensational roof. That’s… Read More

Mountain Residential

When Real Cedar Shakes Fail

They were only 18 years old. Yet their life was clearly over. Too thin to begin with, the real cedar… Read More

Vineyard Residential

Switching from Asphalt to Synthetic Slate Roofing

Getting a DaVinci synthetic slate replacement roof was not an impulse purchase for homeowner Joseph LaBarbera. Far from it. For… Read More

Aged Cedar Commercial

Condo Owners De-Stress with Fire-Resistant DaVinci Shake Roofing

Did you know that your roof can seriously increase your stress level? Especially if you have a real wood shake… Read More

Aged Cedar Commercial

NPS Chooses DaVinci Shake for Historic Mansion

Cumberland Island National Seashore in Georgia is not the ideal location for real cedar shake roofing. Constant salt air and… Read More

Smokey Gray Residential

Homeowners Swap Out Cedar Shakes for Synthetic Single-Width Slate

There’s about 30 miles distance between Lake Forest and Oak Brook, Illinois. However, there’s no distance in the mindset of… Read More

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